As promised (eek!) we are bringing you the first in our new blog series Sisterly Love, a very special collection of images and words by mothers around the world which we will share with you over the coming weeks.
We are so very excited to launch the series today with these beautiful photos and lovely words by Nell Mallia, a UK based mother and photographer. Here Nell describes for us all that she observes, and loves, in the daily connection between her daughters Josephine and Coralie.
Every morning, far too early for our liking, we get woken by the sound of giggles and whispers making their way around the house from the little bedroom our girls share. We hear toy boxes being emptied and the clattering of pots and pans from their little kitchen. We hear the murmurs of their conversations and the cries of ‘that’s mine!’ Their time together as the sun rises, before we get out of bed, is so special; their secret antics, something just for them. 
They look after each other and work out their disagreements themselves, they make each other laugh and immerse themselves in each other’s imaginary worlds. A beautiful and unique bond has formed in their bedroom, and it carries them through the whole day – beyond those four walls. From the playground to the park and everywhere in between. And I hope, I know, the strength of that bond will carry them through their whole lives.
It’s a bond my sister and I share, and I see so much of our relationship in my own children’s. The difference in personalities, yet the similarities too. It amazes me how different our girls can be and yet how well they get on. Josephine can be more serious and focused (whilst living in a dream world like a hippie fairy at times) and Coralie uses every opportunity to be silly and crazy. Coralie will share anything and everything without having to be asked, and Josephine is gentle and patient. Their favourite game is mama and babies, and they love being outside, especially at our allotment – picking flowers, collecting bugs and running around as fast as they can. Their imaginations amaze us, and they’re both so brave and kind and funny. Of course it’s not always smooth sailing, and they can get on each other’s nerves. But it always quickly fizzles out with a kiss and a cuddle. And I hope that’s always the case – even when they’re teenagers and stealing each other’s clothes!
Daily I watch their interactions unfold and I often beam with such pride and happiness for how they take care of each other, help each other and find comfort in knowing their sister is by their side. In these moments I see that we’re doing a good job, how amazing their connection is and how much they absolutely love and adore each other. Their friendship is so special, and I truly believe one of the greatest gifts we’ll ever give our children is their sister.
Thank you Nell!
You can see more of Nell’s captures of Josephine and Coralie’s sisterly love here.
Josephine wears our Delsey dress in dove grey and Coralie wears our Rosie dress in blue chambray.