Leonie and I (Imogen) love nothing more than to see images of children wearing Little Cotton Clothes, but, being a company founded by two sisters, we especially enjoy seeing captures of siblings together wearing our clothes. 
There is something so special about the sibling bond and we always suspect that a mother is really enjoying celebrating that when she dresses her daughters in matching or complimentary pieces from our range.
My own sisters will always be up there as the most important people in my life. It is so special to have siblings, they are with you through thick and thin right from the start – whether they like it or not! I am so lucky to have three sisters, the four of us don’t live on top of each other, and one of us isn’t even in the same country, but every day we are all gossiping, announcing and advising on ‘Sister Chat’, our own chat group! 

We had so much fun growing up, our minute black and white TV, which had a whisk for an aerial and needed a pair of pliers to change channels, was put up in the loft during school holidays, so we made our own fun. We dreamt up treasure hunts, made dens, baked endless Victoria sponges, climbed trees and went for epic bike rides.  Don’t get me wrong, we also fought, a lot, and I am sure we all still wind each other up but thankfully there is no swinging each other round by the pigtails anymore as much as we’d like to sometimes.
Now we have beautiful children of our own, even our baby sister has one on the way. Being mums has made us closer than ever and has made us realise how lucky we are to have each other and our lovely shared childhood. 
I hope my two girls become as close as we are in the future, I will feel so happy to watch their friendship flourish as ours has. And so, in celebration of our own sibling love, that of our children and that which we see everyday on Instagram in the photos you share with us, we have invited five mothers from around the world to describe for us what they observe in their own daughters’ relationship, and tell us something of the connection they share.
We’ll be launching our new series “Sisterly Love” in the next few days and just cannot wait to share with you some beautiful images and words captured for us by mothers of little girls…
Yours, as always
Imogen and Leonie x x