It’s the third instalment of our Sisterly Love series already! And we’re so very excited to share with you this contribution from U.S based mama and blogger Amanda Pahls. Amanda has three (soon to be four!) daughters, and in this lovely piece she reflects on herself as a sibling and shares all she hopes for her own girls’ relationships alongside some very beautiful captures of their sisterly love.
Motherhood is more amazing than I could have ever imagined. There are so many aspects that I never knew existed or never even thought about before having our own children.  One of those things I never really thought about when we were dreaming of children, was what it would be like to get to watch their relationships with one another form and change as they grew.  We planned to have one baby, and now, 5 years later, our 4th girl is due in October. Watching these little ladies is such a gift! I can think back to when they were so little and just learning how to use words and communicate with one another…And now they’re best friends, most of the time, and doing just about everything they do with one another! 

I am the oldest of 4 and have 2 younger sisters and a brother whom I love dearly.  I also gained 2 brothers and an amazing sister-in-law when I married my husband.  My younger sister Heather is pregnant with her fourth child as well and lives a state away, which I don’t love, but am still thankful for how close we get to be thanks to Facetime and social media.  My youngest sister Bethany went to be with the Lord 8 years ago when she was 17.  I miss her more than I can express and deeply grieve her not being able to have grown into womanhood, a deep sisterhood and motherhood together. While we miss our sister dearly, Heather and I have a new and strong bond that came with saying goodbye to our sweet Bethany.  My youngest brother lives in Colorado along with the rest of our family and that dude is just silly.
I have a lot of regret as a sibling. I feel like I missed getting to know my siblings or pouring into them the way I should have… mostly because of my own selfishness… One thing I really want my daughters to understand is that they are precious gifts to one another and their job as a sister is to be selfless, compassionate and a best friend to one another…  I want to model that they are to be understanding and gentle with one another; to hold one another accountable yet give one another lots of grace. It’s easy to get frustrated and judgy with the ones you love most and I am guilty of this and wish I would have shown my love to my siblings better.  I pray that through what I have learned, these daughters will love and protect one another in such a way that when they look back on life, they can smile and know they always were there for one another and that they will never feel alone in the many stages of life they go through.

When it comes to the girls’ personalities and interests, all of our girls all pretty ‘girly girly’ but some of their favourite interests include learning, reading, baking, playing with dolls & Barbies, playing dress up in princess dresses and momma’s clothes, lots and lots of make believe, playing midwives, doing make-up, building forts, dance parties, making & playing with play dough, painting, colouring, playing tag and hide-and-seek, playing outside and really just doing anything together! Norah wants everything Disney Princess Ariel, Charlie wants all things Princess Rapunzel and Ada likes anything she can throw or chew on.
It is truly so interesting how different they are from one another…. Chris and I started talking last night about what it might be like welcoming our fourth little lady, and we couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of four daughters but more so, about Ada becoming a big sister! She is so funny and wild and is going to be so in love!
Our two oldest have recently entered the ‘fighting’ stage and they are, surprisingly, very good at it.  One minute, they will be playing Barbies, the next minute they’re fighting over who said what and then act as if the world is ending.  Chris and I are working on trying to learn what works best for each of them and that’s an interesting process as well. They fight over who gets to wear what outfit and they almost always ask to be “matchy matchy” which just means dress similarly, so I’m getting smarter about getting them “matchy matchy” co-ordinating outfits



Even in the more difficult times, I am so grateful to be their mother and feel so blessed to call these daughters ours! Sometimes I just watch them and smile and take 1,000 photos so I never forget how these moments felt… When they hug and tell one another they love each other, or compliment and encourage one another… all the hard stuff seems to melt away…well, most of the time!
Motherhood is simply amazing and I am so grateful for our little girl party!
Thank you Amanda!
You can see more of Norah, Charlie and Ada here
Norah, Charlie and Ada are wearing our Heidi skirts in mustard, soft teal and dove grey and our Sidonie sailor shirts.