For the second instalment of Sisterly Love we are so happy to welcome Inger Marie, mama, Waldorf teacher, Art Historian, and ex-Copenhagener now living in the countryside in an old village school in Denmark. Here Inger Marie shares with us her reflections on her own sibling relationship as well as that of her two girls, Frida Viola and Molly. 
Before I had children, I couldn’t imagine a sibling relation that differed from the one my own sister and I had. I was the youngest, and I remember my childhood as one long admiration for my elder sister – and at the same time a profound feeling of togetherness. We used to imagine we were Laura and Mary from The Little House on The Prairie and countless games unfolded from this world. We were each other’s conspirators without ever agreeing so. She was my sister, and she was just there.
Then my own daughters were born, and for me one of the biggest pleasures of parenthood is to see how their relationship grows and unfolds. Being 5 and 7 at the moment they are each other’s best company. They are very different little spirits and characters but when they are together in their world of play they compliment each other in the finest way.
My eldest daughter, Frida Viola (named after her great-grandmother), is 7 years old and a vibrant and lively little person. She was crawling at 4 months (!) and walking at 9 months. She has the language of a grown up, but fortunately a strong imagination as only kids can have. Despite her angelic looks, she has a fierce temper, but she is also a very sensitive thinker and needs quiet moments just on her own to get a hold on everything. She loves her little sister and together they are excellent at disappearing into their own world, playing all day long. 


My younger daughter, Molly, is 5 years old and such a gentle little person. “Douce” is the best word to describe her. She is always happy and is a frequent user of the expression “never mind!”. She is the most polite person I have ever met – saying “thank you very much, mummy” and “please” in almost every sentence. She loves to hug, kiss and snuggle – and she still sleeps in my arms every night. She adores her big sister and misses her whenever she is not here. Molly is the perfect name for her in our ears – warm and cosy and loving.   
I love the immediacy of their sibling love. It’s something never to question or think about, it’s just there with the same matter of course as the sun rising again tomorrow morning. They frequently ask me: “Mommy we are twins aren’t we?” – and when I explain that they are sisters with two years of age difference their reply is “well, we are indeed almost twins”.  
I hope their playfulness and sibling bond will develop into two open-minded, strong young women with the deepest respect for each other and all human beings. 
Thank you Inger Marie
You can see more of Frida Viola and Molly here.
Frida Viola is wearing our Rosie dress in blue chambray with jade knee high socks, and Molly is wearing our Amelie dress in mustard with inky blue knee high socks.