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Our Story


Helloe and welcome to our little shop.

We are sisters and mums to five little people. When our daughters were born we struggled to find simple, beautiful, traditional clothes that we loved and could afford for them. We decided to throw caution to the wind and start designing our own.  We believe that if we love our clothes then you will love them too.

At Little Cotton Clothes we believe it is essential to care for the environment and the people who make our clothes.  We are a very small team but this is a hugely important part of what we do and we feel a great responsibility to make the right choices. Our ethical policy is always at the forefront of our minds and our clothes are made by a small number of family run factories in India and Turkey who are ethically audited to ensure the people who make our clothes are looked after and valued.   You can find out more about that here.

We are far from being a fast or throwaway fashion brand.  With the help of a very small team we continue to design all our collections and are involved in all aspects of our company. We care deeply about the way we run our business, producing only considered and very small quantities, we are able to ensure we have little to no leftover stock and we take our time designing clothes that we love and will surpass any fashion trends.  We take inspiration from nature and nostalgia and we hope this comes through in our designs.

We usually start designing a new season collection in our favourite cafe (a lot of coffee is essential for these sessions) with our colour swatches in front of us and plenty of inspiration around us - vintage florals, old embroidery books, antique finds.   We decide on the colours for a new season based on colours we love rather than trends, then we start thinking about the florals we would like to print and from there the journey starts.  

Once we have designed and chosen our florals and fabrics we get to work coming up with the styles for the season - it is really important to us that we only design clothes that we love ourselves, we are never led by fashion or swayed by what others are doing - we focus entirely on clothes that we would love to dress our own children in.  We choose trims, sketch out shapes and have a lot of fun piecing it all together.   Once we are happy with our collection we send off a brief to our amazing makers and wait for the magic to happen.  It takes a few months for the samples to be created then we head on a plane to see our amazing team who will have turned our ideas into reality, we tweak and perfect and decide on which items to take into the final collection and then we start getting excited for bringing the collection to life in with our amazing photographers.   

It takes a year or even more from that first creative meeting in our favourite cafe to taking delivery of our items and the help of several fantastic team members but every step of the way we are focusing on you and what is best for you and your little ones.  We really hope this shows in our clothes - every detail is considered and we love our clothes as much as we hope you do. 

Our inspiration is drawn from our childhood and the fun filled, happy time it was growing up in the English countryside.   As sisters we grew up in hand-me-downs and dresses our Mum made for us - still today we share clothing between our own nieces, nephews and and friends.  We encourage you to shop consciously and to wear and enjoy our clothes.  Nothing makes us happier than to see our garments being handed down and re-loved…

Little Cotton Clothes is a thoughtful, kind and nostalgic children's lifestyle brand, we strive to do better and to make clothes that last and will be handed down and loved.

We're so happy to have you here on this journey with us and thank you for reading our story.  

Imogen & Leonie